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Eyeconic Warriors


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Introducing Untold – a powerful artwork designed to reveal the untold stories of Black Canadians. Drawing inspiration from the documentary film BLK: An Origin Story, this piece shines a light on one of the darkest chapters of Canadian history – slavery and the transatlantic slave trade. It captures the nuance, emotion, and challenge in a single composition – a visual record that encourages thoughtful reflection and inspires real-world change.

As art has the power to unite us through shared experiences and reflections on our world’s history, Untold works to bring about an understanding that leads to action that moves us towards change.

Experience a unique art experience with Untold today – it's about bringing people together for meaningful conversations about our past and creating a better future.

Take home this piece and ignite conversations at every level—at home with family or at work among colleagues—about understanding our past in order to move forward for a vibrant future.