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Eyeconic Warriors

Time For Change

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Introducing Time For Change, artwork that serves as a reminder of the inspiration and a call to action. Sparked by the Civil Rights Movement and the reverberations that it created in our society, this art reminds us of the past while also urging us on towards creating a better future. Viewers become part of a profound narrative as they take in its powerful images.

Welcome to a tour through history like no other. We explore many aspects of social change, from mass incarceration and systemic racism to the rise of “the new Jim Crow” which was born out of years following civil rights advancements. Take a journey back in time through the 1960s civil rights movement and the struggles faced, before catapulting back into present-day events surrounding how some populations are disproportionately affected by these issues still today.

Witness how civil rights initiatives heightened awareness about social justice causes and look at the challenges yet to be faced—all through a creative art form. Remind yourself why it's important to get involved in social movements or support various organizations championing equality today as you explore this vivid piece.

Allow this piece, to carry you through time and remember those who endured suffering and sacrificed much so that we could enjoy the freedoms we have today — all while honoring those fighting for continued change even now! Let it serve to convey common ground among all walks of life who seek equality and allow it to spark thought-provoking conversations about how inequality affects all of us in different ways even today.

Time For Change is a beautiful reflection and insightful look that serves as not just an anchor from which progress can be measured but more importantly an advocate for positive advancement overall!