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Eyeconic Warriors


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Brooke-Lyn is an experience in social art that seeks to raise awareness of missing and murdered Indigenous women across North America. Featuring a large red hand, the image is a powerful symbol of solidarity with the families of those affected by this ongoing tragedy.

Indigenous women are victims of violence at 10 times the rate of other women in North America. Brooke-Lyn carries a simple but meaningful message; that it’s time to take action. By purchasing our art and displaying it in your home or office, you’re helping to drive change for Indigenous communities across North America.

Brooke-Lyn is both beautiful and inspiring. And the impact of the artwork extends far beyond its physical form; every purchase helps us to support organizations that are taking action on this issue.

By joining us in our fight for justice, we can make a real impact. Show your support today with Brooke-Lyn, social art that inspires change.