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Eyeconic Warriors

Born A King

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Born A King is an inspiring social art that encourages you to look past traditional “old ways” of thinking and challenge yourself to take life into your own hands. So often, people are held back by outdated ideas and lack the wisdom, knowledge and understanding required to create a life they really want. But you can make your own way in the world — your very own path to kingship! With Born A King, conquer new lands in pursuit of your dreams. Become a ruler on the journey!

This revolutionary concept is rooted in helping drive change within yourself and within society as a whole. Don’t be content with little victories: tap into something much greater and empower yourself with an inspiring legacy you can leave for generations after you. When you think about it, this powerful inheritance was yours all along — part of who you were Born A King. Take up your crown, bravely embrace your power, embrace authentic freedom from distraction to march forward with honor toward greatness!

Invest in yourself today and be proud of who you are!