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Eyeconic Warriors


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Afrikaans is a unique piece of art inspired by the struggle for social justice and the need for change in South African history. The piece is a tribute to the South African National Native Congress (SANNC) and the African National Congress (ANC), which rose up in resistance to the oppressive Land Act of 1913. This controversial policy created an atmosphere of racial segregation and white supremacy that severely oppressed black Africans, forcing them to live in reserves without basic human rights or protection.

The art piece symbolizes a call to action, stemming from the injustice faced by Black Africans at the hands of apartheid policies. It shows that even when faced with extreme oppression and discrimination, dedicated activists will stand up against those tyranny and oppression in order to secure much needed social justice.

This artwork was created as a reminder that everyone has a part to play in bringing about positive change - no matter how small - by committing their time, energy, skills and creativity towards building a better future for all.