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Eyeconic Warriors

The Origins of Mass Incarceration

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“The Origins of Mass Incarceration” offers a powerful look at the injustice of the United States criminal justice system. Through creative art and poignant facts, this work explores how racism has shaped the beginnings of the United States judicial system and the effects this continues to have today. 

We have made progress since racial discrimination was born within the United States of America, however, it is still unfortunately one of many causes leading to mass incarceration. The thought-provoking imagery from "The Origins of Mass Incarceration" helps us consider some difficult questions about our nation’s history and how, despite movements for change, so much remains unresolved. 

By engaging in creative expression, viewers are forced to confront the facts and rethink the current system in a new way--which can ignite empathy and create meaningful learning opportunities for all who participate.

We invite you to explore “The Origins of Mass Incarceration”