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Eyeconic Warriors

The Fabric of America

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Introducing The Fabric of America – art that inspires social change! This is an exploration of how racism, white privilege, and anti-blackness have been woven into the fabric of American society throughout history.

By examining our past, we can begin to understand the systemic issues in our society today, and recognize ways that we can effect meaningful change. This artwork also provides insight into our nation’s legacy of discrimination and oppression of minorities. By analyzing what has led us to this point, it becomes clear that substantive reforms need to take place in order for us to become a truly equitable society.

The Fabric of America serves as a tool for sparking conversations about difficult topics such as race and power. Through informative and engaging illustrations and designs, these pieces of art encourage discussion on social justice matters in an interesting and thoughtful way. As we learn more about our own individual histories together, we can move towards collective liberation and progress as a nation.

This art makes a powerful statement – one that is sure to evoke both emotion and conversation. Join us in deepening your understanding of the history of racism in America while inspiring positive social change through The Fabric of America!