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Eyeconic Warriors

Stolen Generations

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Stolen Generations is a powerful social art project that seeks to raise awareness of the dark history of Indigenous children in Canada. From the late 1850s until the last residential school closure in 1996, over 150,000 Aboriginal children were legally removed from their families and communities and forcibly sent to Indian residential schools against their will. This heartbreaking legacy serves as an important reminder of how institutional racism has affected Indigenous communities for generations.

Stolen Generations works to inspire change through art, with each piece created to reflect on the history of struggles endured by these families and serve as a visual reminder to make sure this history never repeats itself. This unique piece touches on themes such as family, culture, language, and identity; encapsulating the tragedies endured by generations of stolen First Nations children. Whether you're looking to learn more about this period of Canadian history or wish to make a statement in your home, Stolen Generations is an essential piece of modern art that should not be overlooked.