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Eyeconic Warriors

I See No Changes

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I See No Changes is a moving artwork that celebrates the legacy of Tupac Shakur and his commitment to justice and activism. At a time when the fight for social justice and equity is more relevant than ever, his prophetic words are just as powerful today as they were during his lifetime.

This artwork honors his contribution to our world and offers hope in the form of inspirational messaging that works to bring about meaningful change.

Through this piece, we can be uplifted by Tupac’s passionate expressions of truth and comforted by the thought that progress and healing are within reach. As touched upon by Shakur himself, this art speaks to our urge to come together as a society and break free from systemic injustices.

We honor our beloved community leader with I See No Changes — a tribute that pays homage to the late rapper’s unforgettable words about justice, resilience, bravery, strength, and peace.

Three pictures of Tupac on display wall, various sizes.