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Eyeconic Warriors

Conversations With Elsie

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Conversations with Elsie is a unique piece of social justice art directed to transform society. Featuring the words of Emmanuel Acho, author of Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man, this illustration portrays the powerful impact conversations can have on understanding one another and creating lasting societal change.

At its very core, Conversations with Elsie shines light on how having dialogue with even a single child can invigorate systemic change for the better. It captures an inspiring moment between parent and child — a moment that resonates in our hearts and minds as we recall meaningful conversations had in our own lives.

The image serves to empower individuals in taking actionable steps towards meaningful understanding, unity and harmony; an uplifting message for all. It moves us to think more deeply about how we engage in conversation and how we influence learning and growth at multiple scales: whether it’s while talking to children or engaging with members in our local community.

Let Conversations with Elsie remind you of how meaningful interactions can inspire a new wave of social consciousness, ultimately permeating the foundations of society — creating lasting ripples of transformation across generations.