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Eyeconic Warriors

Blood of the Congo

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Blood of the Congo Art Print

Step into the heart-wrenching narrative of the cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with our powerful art print, Blood of the Congo.

This artwork serves as a haunting testament to the glaring social injustices that often remain hidden beneath the surface of our tech-driven world.

Intricately designed, the print vividly captures the stories of miners – some as young as seven – who brave treacherous pits with no protection to extract the very minerals fueling our smartphones and laptops. There hands symbolize the sacrifice and suffering endured for the sake of modern technology.

As you gaze upon this print, you'll be reminded of the communities trapped in a cycle of poverty, paying the steep price for the world's tech appetite.

This piece challenges us to question the human cost of our modern luxuries, raising crucial awareness about the profound impact our choices have on distant lives.

Blood of the Congo is more than an art print; it's a powerful call to action, a conversation starter that beckons us to consider the true cost behind our technological conveniences.

Display Blood of the Congo in your space, and let it be a daily reminder of the stories often unheard, the sacrifices often unseen, and the urgent need for change.

Join us in amplifying the voices of those who suffer in the shadows, and let this artwork ignite discussions that drives real change.