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Eyeconic Warriors

The Rise Of Hate

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The Rise Of Hate is the social art experience that will inform and inspire you. Based on the documentary film The Soul of America, this illustrative work takes an in-depth look into the dark history of hate in American politics, particularly during the Alt-Right movement.

This powerful piece explores how far democracy can be suppressed by hateful forces and then examines how it might be reclaimed. Viewers are invited to learn more about our past and reflect upon it to create a better future. With its variety of visuals, The Rise Of Hate offers perspectives from those who experienced it first-hand as well as contemporary commentary.

This thought-provoking artwork leaves viewers with a sense of inspiration and invites them to take action for a better, more tolerant society. We're reminded that hatred cannot prevail if we each do our part to keep intolerance out of our own lives - whether that's standing up for what is right or engaging in productive dialogue with those we disagree with on deep issues.

The Rise Of Hate is the perfect addition to any home or museum looking to provoke thoughtful conversations about important topics such as racism and discrimination in our society today. Get ready to be inspired!