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Eyeconic Warriors

Stain Of A Nation

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Stain Of A Nation is a powerful print that lifts up the continued struggle for justice and fairness in America’s history. In her discussion with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Angela Glover Blackwell highlights how radical imagination can help achieve an inclusive and anti-racist society.

This powerful design serves as a reminder of a country’s ongoing legacy of racial injustice and inequality, which has its roots in genocide, stolen land, and human bondage.

Angela Glover Blackwell encourages audiences to transform oppressive systems with radical imagination and creativity.

This bold artwork offers a bold visual statement and an informative point of discussion-- an artifact that honours a long journey towards justice. Stain of a Nation recognizes the difficult realities that many throughout the centuries have faced while inspiring hope for a better future.

Make a statement in your home or office with this powerful conversation piece today!