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Eyeconic Warriors

Climate Justice

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Climate Justice is a revolutionary social justice art piece created to inspire change. At the heart of climate justice is the awareness that climate change affects all of us – no country or community can escape its rapid and far-reaching impacts. Sadly, as is often the case, those who suffer the most are typically and tragically those living in poverty and in vulnerable conditions.

Now more than ever, it’s essential for us to take decisive action toward actively creating a world that works for everyone and respects our planet's resources. Climate Justice uses art as a powerful tool to raise public awareness about these urgent issues, deepening our understanding of what’s at stake and pushing society into meaningful conversation and concrete actions.

Multisensory pieces connect creative expression with activism to create an empowering experience for both spectators and creators, allowing us all to become part of a global movement for change.

At its core, Climate Justice seeks to bridge artistic excellence with collective impact – coming together as one with a sense of urgency, hope, creativity and joy that will drive real action on climate justice around the world.