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Eyeconic Warriors

Traditional Healing

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Traditional Healing is a powerful social art that has the potential to bring about life-changing transformation. This art form allows indigenous women to take back their control and open the door for healing, not just for themselves but for generations of women before them too. It serves as an inspirational reminder that no matter how dark the present may look, we can always look toward our ancestors in order to find the strength and courage to persevere.

Traditional Healing gives us a sense of pride in our heritage, allowing us to acknowledge and cherish our lineage while continuing through the journey of self-discovery and healing. It's an honour and privilege to be able to access this art, allowing women everywhere to heal holistically with the guidance of cultural teachings.

As we embrace simple traditions, we experience empowerment and reclaim our strengths with tremendous newfound appreciation.

We invite you on this meaningful journey with us toward recovery where dreams are made conceivable and boundaries are broken - one step at a time.