Join Us at Cultural Canvas: A Celebration of Arts, Culture, and Community

Join Us at Cultural Canvas: A Celebration of Arts, Culture, and Community

Eyeconic Warriors is thrilled to be part of the Cultural Canvas event this June 8 at Museum Square, Downtown Woodstock! This year, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Highlander Studios. Renowned for bringing creative ideas to life with exceptional results, Highlander Studios specializes not only in photography but also in the production, preservation, and promotion of the arts.

Join us from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. for a celebration of arts, culture, and community. Discover the heart of local artistry at Artist Alley, where we'll showcase our unique and thought-provoking art prints that not only beautify your spaces but also spark meaningful conversations about social justice.

Connect With Us and Our Mission

Visit our booth to explore a range of art prints, each telling a story of resilience, hope, and empowerment. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with you—the community that supports and shares our values. Learn about the stories behind our artwork, and discover how choosing decor can reflect not just your style but also your stance on social justice and equity.

Engage in Meaningful Conversations

We look forward to rich conversations that such gatherings often inspire. The Cultural Canvas serves as an incredible platform for dialogue about the role of art in society and its power as a force for good, sparking discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion right in our homes.

Mark Your Calendar!

Don’t miss this chance to enrich your art collection and connect with fellow art lovers and activists. We can’t wait to meet you and share our passion for making a difference through art.

Let’s make Cultural Canvas a canvas of creativity, inspiration, and community spirit together.

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