Celebrating Florence Carlyle: A Look at "BIRD SET FREE" by Duane and Urszula Kumala-Thomas

Celebrating Florence Carlyle: A Look at "BIRD SET FREE" by Duane and Urszula Kumala-Thomas

We're thrilled to share an exciting opportunity that has come to our very own Duane Kumala-Thomas and his wife Urszula!

As part of a special project commemorating the 100th anniversary of the legendary artist Florence Carlyle, they've been shortlisted for an initiative at the Woodstock Art Gallery. This project invites gifted artists from across Ontario to contribute to the Bruce Flowers Sculpture Garden, and Duane and Urszula have caught the selection committee's attention with their stunning proposal titled BIRD SET FREE.

Inspiration Behind BIRD SET FREE

BIRD SET FREE is inspired by Carlyle's affectionate nickname, "Bird," a name that speaks volumes about her spirit and legacy. The sculpture explores themes of confinement and freedom, a topic that resonates deeply in Carlyle's own narratives and now in Duane and Urszula's artistic expression.

The piece features a bird emerging triumphant from a constricting birdcage and corset. This powerful imagery is crafted using a thoughtful blend of historical and modern materials, facilitated by Baird Machines, ensuring that the sculpture is not only visually captivating but also rich in symbolic meaning.

The Vision and Impact

The sculpture aims to provoke thought and stimulate conversation among its viewers, echoing Carlyle’s own contributions to the arts and her advocacy for inclusivity. Mary Reid, the esteemed Director/Curator of the Woodstock Art Gallery, has expressed immense enthusiasm for the quality and depth of the proposals, particularly highlighting how each reflects Carlyle's indomitable spirit.

How You Can Support

Now, here's where you come in!

We're reaching out to our community and beyond to support Duane and Urszula in bringing their visionary piece to life. By casting your vote for BIRD SET FREE, you’re not only recognizing the talent of these incredible artists but also helping cement a lasting tribute to Florence Carlyle, an artist whose work and influence continue to inspire generations.

Vote to Make a Difference

Casting your vote is simple: click here to continue to the survey, and select "Duane and Urszula Kumala-Thomas, Bird Set Free" from the list of options. Your vote supports their incredible work and contributes to a lasting tribute to an iconic figure in the art world.

We sincerely appreciate your support and are excited about the possibility of celebrating this remarkable achievement together.

Thank you for being part of this special moment and for helping honour the legacy of a truly influential artist.

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